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A significant start for Korean skin health



Exhibition Title  Skin Health Expo Korea 2018
Period  2018. 9. 14(Fri) ~ 9. 16(Sun), 3days
Venue  SETEC, Exhibition Hall 1 and 2 / 4,814㎡ 
Scale  20,000 Visitors / 100 Organizations (Estimation)
Exhibits  Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical Products, Medical devices, Dermatology Clinics, Aesthetics, Health Functional Food, Skin Care supplements and supplies, etc.
Host  Dermatology Research Foundation
Organizer  Korean Dermatological Association, Association of Korean Dermatologists, Humming IMC
Support  Ministry of Health and Welfare The Korean Atopic Dermatitis Association, The Korean Hair Research Society, Korean Medical Society for Cosmetics, The Korean Society for Acne Research, Korean Society of Pigment Cell Research
Sponsor  Neopharm, Aestura, DongKoo Bio&Pharma Co., Ltd
 Dong-A ST ( Skin Health Day )

What is the Skin Health Expo Korea 2018?

The Skin Health Expo provides citizens various information about skin health. The Expo is organized by the Korea Dermatological Association, which celebrated its 73rd anniversary this year. It is is hosted by the Dermatology Research Foundation, co-sponsored by the Association of Korean Dermatologists, and sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and by five other affiliated associations.
In the midst of overflowing unverified products and information, rising interest of skin diseases and skin health, this Expo aims to raise awareness in skin health by providing citizens verified information and opportunities to further understand skin products.
The Expo held for the very first time last year will be held for the second time this year, in conjunction with the Skin Health Day that will offer programs like special seminars and halls, gaining attention from media, and consumers.

※ Skin Health Day (September 14)

The 'Skin Health Day' sponsored by the Korea Dermatological Association is a public awareness campaign to raise awareness of skin diseases by providing citizens verified skin health information. This year 'Skin Health Day' will be celebrated for the 16th time since its commencement in 2003. The KDA has been promoting skin health awareness activities such as health lectures and events through themes such as atopy, acne, alopecia, shingles, geriatric skin diseases, ultraviolet rays, skin aging, and mycosis.