A significant start for Korean skin health

Marketing Plan

Offline Program

Dermatology PR Promote dermatology clinics in Seoul
Media  Daily press releases, feature articles, interviews
Media Experts  Newspaper, magazine advertisements
OOH  Pedestrian bridge signboard, banner
DM  Distribute invitations to related dermatology clinics, buyers and public

Online Program

Homepage  Skin Health Expo Homepage
SNS  Facebook, Instagram and Contents Ads
Community  Portal site blog and café promotion
eDM  Send out eDM & newsletters to target consumers
Social Commerce  Cangoto, Interpark ticket


  •  • Operate supporters and product experience program.

  •  • Leverage visitors in 2017, prre-registrants and Facebook fans.

  •  • Collaborate with organizations (media, associations, communities) and distribute promotional materials (posters, invitations, brochures).

  •  • Create and promote content using beauty creators.

  •  • Produce a directory book that introduces exhibitors and mail to dermatology clinics.

※ The above plan may be changed or added later